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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Year in [P]review

Beginning in late October of 2005 I began considering goals and things-to-do in the upcoming year. Both professionally and spiritually I want it to be a year of unprecedented growth. Looking back on my life so far, the seasons that have been the most rewarding have also been the hardest. The times when we are challenged the most seem to be the time we grow the most. Realizing this, my prayer for ’06 is that God would stretch me, challenge me, break me, and do whatever it takes for Him to carry me farther in this one year than He has any year before. I am praying for a challenge, but not for difficulty’s sake; all I ask is that God would build me up, teach me, and strengthen me. He has my permission to take whatever measures necessary to make that happen.

Here we are, four days into the new year, and I can say without a doubt that it's been a challenge already. Hardest days of my life?? Not by a longshot, but enough to make me pause and ponder. If you ever have any doubt that God answers prayer, ask him to stretch you.


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